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Why Sweater Blazers Women Are The Best Fashion Outfit

Traditionally, there is a clear distinction between work-to-work and out-of-office attire: The former is likely to be stiff and structured (think suits and trousers), whereas the latter is soft and plush (more like leggings and oversize sweaters.) However, the distinction between "professional" and "everything else" wardrobes is blurring (a distinctly millennial trend), and retail is reflecting this.

But a sweater blazer women is pretty much what it sounds like– an open-front, long-sleeve sweater with added seams and structure (along the back, around the shoulders, and at the collar) to resemble a blazer's silhouette It has a more polished look than a cardigan but is just as comfortable as your favorite pullover.

How it feels on the skin

It looks more polished than a cardigan, but is just as comfortable as your favorite pullover. J. Crew, Vince, Theory, and other brands known for their contemporary approach to workwear have all jumped on board with this hybrid garment. In a matter of days, many people went from not knowing what a sweater blazer woman was feeling an urgent need to purchase one—hey, staying comfortable while still looking professional strikes them as an immediate win-win.

How to style a sweater blazer women

Sweater blazer women are quite simple to style. Indeed, you would argue that it is even easier to style than a standard black and navy blue blazer because it now appears more cozy and natural. You can still look lean and smart in it, but it adds a touch of warmth that makes you appear more approachable. This blog compiled a list of some of the best sweater blazer women outfit ideas to better show you how to style it. Let's get started.

Light Heather Gray Sweater Blazer with Scalloped Neckline Blouse & Jeans

This blog is going to start this list of cozy and lean outfit ideas with an outfit that's full of cool details. Wear a light heather gray, slightly oversized sweater blazer women with a white scalloped neckline short sleeve blouse to achieve this business casual look. To complete this cozy and amazing look, pair them with light blue skinny jeans and a pair of black ballet heels.

Gray Sweater Blazer with White Print Tee & Matching Mini Shorts

Let's take a look at a very fresh and youthful look now. The outfit consists of a light gray sweater blazer, a white print tee, and a pair of white mini flowery shorts. For shoes, you can simply wear a pair of black ballet flats or white sandals to look more youthful.

Dark Brown Sweater Blazer with Blue and White Striped Button Up Shirt

Wear a blue and white vertical striped button up shirt with a brown sweater blazer for a stylish, breezy, and slightly unisex look. Pair them with ripped straight leg blue jeans. Wear a pair of pale pink flats with the outfit to complete it in a clean and ladylike manner.

Navy Blue Sweater Blazer with White Shirt & Light Jeans

To form this low-profile, yet smart looking business casual outfit, you can wear a white button up shirt with a navy blue sweater blazer. Pair them with light blue slim cut jeans. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of black ballet heels to keep the outfit simple and elegant.

Light Gray Sweater Blazer with White Shirt & Black Skinny Jeans

To achieve a cozy look, simply choose a light gray sweater cardigan because it is a color that is so versatile that it goes well with items of various colors. You can complete the look with a white button-up shirt and a pair of black high-rise skinny jeans. Wear a pair of black suede loafers to complete the look.

Black Blazer with Blue Button Up Chambray Shirt

Here's a low-key outfit you might want to wear to a casual hangout. To achieve this look, simply pair a blue chambray button-up shirt with a black sweater blazer. To finish off the look, pair these pieces with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of black ballet flats.

Sweater blazer women look good and feel better– What more do you want? Get one from our website today. You can also get casual wear for men, women's special occasion dresses, smart casual blazer, black high heels from our website.

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